Cliff Notes

Team WOD!

With a partner, and for total reps, perform the following:

Run 400 meters

150 kettlebell swings, one arm, (55/35)

Run 400 meters

150 kettlebell squat cleans, one arm

Run 400 meters

150 kettlebell snatches, one arm

Kettlebell swings are Russian swings (only to eyeball level.)  Partners run together for each 400.  Only one person working on the kettlebell movements at a time.

  You may use any arm, in any combination.


Scott Cohen, one arm snatch.

We are having the CrossFit 201 class this Sunday at 6pm.  If you are unable to attend, you needn’t worry about not acquiring the info.

  All the core material is available on our site, on Main Site, and we’re building up the 201 lecture clips into our video library.  The lecture is run in two parts.   Here is the breakdown and some of the links:

Part 1:  CrossFit and the definitions of Fitness and Health

What is CrossFit?

The Ten General Physical Skills

The Hopper Model

The Fourth Curiosity

The Definition of Fitness

The Definition of Health

Part 2:  Nutrition

Fish Oil

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