Brian’s Bowls!

Hey kids! I’ve got some cool news for you all…

A couple weeks ago while I was visiting another box, I met a lovely young lady who told me about this frozen food delivery service that she and a friend have just started up. Best part is, it’s all Paleo. How cool, right? The company is called Brian’s Bowls. Here is a little blurb from their website that pretty much sums everything up…
“Our all-natural grain-free frozen meals are made from scratch to order once a week, and delivered to your doorstep. While the meals have varying levels of “paleo strictness,” they always avoid 3 main items: 1) Grain of any kind 2) Industrial Oils 3) Artificial Ingredients. Our ingredient lists are shockingly short and we intend to keep it that way.”
I’m writing this post on my lunch break after just consuming my first bowl of jerk chicken, sauteed kale and sweet potatos. It was delicious, not a bite left! I can’t wait to try the beef curry tomorrow. Anyway, Paradiso does a lot to provide us with fresh food every week and this service could be a great addition to that. (Especially for those who don’t have as much time to cook for every meal) We understand that work schedules can be hectic and food preparation is sometimes overwhelming. So, for those moments when you are forced to choose between “eating out” for lunch or starving, Brians Bowls is a great solution. It’s really a fantastic idea and in my opinion, a huge step towards helping people with their nutritional struggles. I won’t go into a “save the world from diabetes” rant right now, but I will say that what they are doing is super cool.
Browse the website. As of right now they only deliver to the South Bay but if there are enough people interested in ordering, they would be willing to make PCF a new delivery stop. That is, if you’re responsible enough to leave payment with the Diso’s ahead of time.
Let me know what you guys think, perhaps a discount rate could be applied for large orders! 🙂

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