US News “Best” Diets

US News Best DietsIf you are a paleo geek, then you’ve probably already heard something about the article that US News posted ranking the Paleo diet dead last in a list that included SlimFast, MediFast and Weight Watchers as contenders. If not, read up on what Dr. Loren Cordain had to say in response. It’s such an amazing article. Makes my healthy heart tingle with happiness knowing that there is so much science and proof behind the successes of the Paleo diet. It makes me sad that people are still falling for these fad diets. Save your money! You shouldn’t have to buy pre-packaged food or starter kits to be healthy. Just eat real food. The concept is simple and sweet as pie!

Click here for article: US News “Best Diets

Once you’re done reading, go school (in a nice way) your friends with all of the cool things you learned. 🙂

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