The Great Bacon Debate

The Great Bacon Debate

If you’ve been eating paleo or zone for awhile you should know by now how popular it is among your crossfitting peers. It’s undeniably delicious. I, for one, get super excited over any dish containing bacon. But, as the world turns, so does your diet.

My paleo diet is constant but there are definitely things that seem to come and go. I get hooked on foods, like bacon, and tend to overdue it.

After reading these articles, I am beginning to question my love for bacon. Is it an item that is super unhealthy or something that is fine in moderation? Awhile ago I found myself having this same debate over dairy. In the end I decided to listen to my body. My stomach ultimately said “no, thank you.”

Anyway, read up paleo kids. I don’t know A LOT about this topic, but these articles give enough insight to make me want to further educate myself. I hope it does the same for you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, post comments!

1. Bacon: Health Food or Devil in Delicious Disguise? (by Diane Sanfilippo)


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