Sugar and Sweeteners!

Great article about sugar on today. Diane Sanfilippo knows what she’s talking about. Here is it, copied directly from her site.  🙂
sweetener rat

The Dish on Sugar & Sweeteners

I get a TON of questions about sugar and sweeteners. Most people just want to know which are okay to eat and which are bad. But, of course, I can’t just say “eat this, not that” without some kind of explanation behind it. In an effort to keep this as short and sweet (pun intended) as possible, I’m going to boil it down to a few key points.
1. ALL sweeteners, caloric or non-caloric, can contribute to weight-gain or prohibit weight loss.
2. Sweeteners that come from nature are always better to consume than those that come from a lab or factory.
3. Regardless of the source, it’s ALWAYS best to minimize your exposure to sweeteners.
To read what Diane has to say about these 3 key points… click HERE!

Sugars and Sweeteners

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