Potlucks Galore!

We are hosting CrossFit Ventura this Saturday for our first home base Box Jump!

This will be an all level team workout at 10am, followed by a potluck BBQ and drinks.  Box Jumping is a fun way to experience the CrossFit community by visiting other gyms and training with new people.  It is sure to be a grand ol’ time.  Hope to see you there!


The end of the Zone and the SWITCH pre-party food and movie night!

Come for open gym at 4:30 to perform your CF Total, enjoy some food and finish off with a movie!

  The movie will start when it gets dark and performing the Total is not a requirement for attendance, just a recommendation!

  The movie options include but are not limited to:  Touching the Void, Roger Dodger, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Thank You for Smoking, Team AmericaWorld Police.  Feel free to make suggestions!

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