For those that have expressed interest in getting your own jump rope, I am ordering some this week!  The plastic, long handled ropes are $8.95 without tax or shipping.  If you would like your own, please let me know in comments below and I can order it for you.  To sweeten the deal, you can even pick your color:  Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, or Purple!


It seems that I did not explain the Fight Gone Bad Fundraiser well enough on my previous posts as numerous people have asked what I’m talking about when I ask if they are going to participate.  To explain:

CrossFit has many benchmark workouts, most of which have Girls or Hero names for them, like Fran, Cindy or Michael.  There are, however, a few others that represent something different.

  One of these workouts is called, “Fight Gone Bad,” and it has been chosen as the centerpiece of an upcoming fundraiser.

  Much like a Run/Walk event for a cause, you will raise as much money as you can and in return will suffer through the Fight Gone Bad workout.  The event takes place on September 25th.  The workout can be scaled to varying skill levels and they ask that you raise at least $150.

They are expecting at least 300 people to participate in the LA area alone and hoping to raise over million worldwide.

  We willl organize a few FGB trial runs to set benchmarks for those that have never tried it before or to strategize for those that have.

I need to give the organizers an estimate on how many people are planning on participating and willing to volunteer.  Please contact me personally or write in comments below if you have any questions.



Don’t forget this weekend is the Box Jump to Santa Barbara’s CrossFit Pacific Coast!!

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