Open Sesame!

In response to your requests, we will be offering Open Gym Monday through Wednesday at 4:30pm, and Sunday evening at 4:30-7pm.  The purpose of this offering is three fold.

  First and foremost, we want to give you more freedom.

  Secondly, this will help relieve the pressure on the 5:30 class during the weekdays.  Last, we want to give you an opportunity to work on your weaknesses.  This is time for you to work on your own, so be prepared for no coaching or assistance.  Often times, the coach on duty will be doing their own work.  We politely request that you finish whatever you are working on by the end of the allotted time frame.

This will only be offered to the regular class members.

Please hit me up with any questions you have below…

first one starts in a half hour!


Another change we have made is that we will be offering a version of the PCF 101 class every weekend!  Unless there is a special event, it will be every Saturday at 11am until around 12:30pm.  Check the schedule as some weekends it will be on Sunday.  Bring your friends that keep asking you about what you’re doing!

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