Market Sign up and Weekly Update!


We’ve already got 10lbs of Ground Bison in there, so come and get it!

Alrighty, so we’ve got the market sign up again and the meat freezer is in the house!  We’ll be shopping around for deals on high quality grass fed meats and I wanted to know your opinion on what we should carry.

  I have a bison, lamb, goat and chicken supplier, and am still hunting for a beef man.

  The question is what cuts you would be most interested in and the chickens would be whole, so it would require a bit of knowledge on preparation.  Also, if you know of any hunters trying to get rid of some wild boar, elk, etc.  let me know!  This is a work in progress…

The market is the same as always and we’ve been getting eggs in with the order as well, so sign up below!  Please ask any questions you may have, the prices are the same as always at $25 for a full order and $13 for a half.


Don’t forget about the Soft Grand Opening festivities this weekend!  The regular 8am class will be cancelled, there will be a 9am On-Ramp class and at 10am the reimagined, upgraded version of the original “Inventory” wod will be revealed for all to enjoy…Inventory 2.0!  Prepare for a WOD like nothing you have ever experienced!

The celebration will continue on at 5pm at Waterloo and City, located at 12517 Washington Blvd in Culver City, relatively close to the gym.  There will be Happy Hour food and drinks until 9pm, and we will be providing a bunch of food at the beginning, so get there early before it all gets eaten!


The CrossFit 101 will be hosted on Sunday from 11am until 12:30 due to the above festivities, so if you know anyone that struggled to make the Saturday class because of scheduling, this is their chance!

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