Update Number Two!

  • There will be no class this Sunday or 10am on Saturday!

  • Last minute change of plans for the Box Jump!  Due to scheduling conflicts, it has been moved to 9:30am. In that case, we will be meeting at the gym at 9am to carpool and heading down directly.  They are planning on having a full house, with a fun Team WOD and beach activities afterwards.  Remember to bring a bathing suit and any other beach accessories of your choosing, ie umbrella, towel, etc.  As well as some food and drink of choice.  They will have an easy up tent on the beach and apparently have a sweet volleyball drinking game called ‘Ace.’  Participation will be mandatory of course!  Please write in below if you plan on carpooling.  Click here for directions from the gym.  See you tomorrow!

  • Many of you have been asking how you can help with the new gym space, so here’s your chance!  We just had it painted and are beginning fabrication of the pull up bar structure and getting in some contractors to help with some of the major stuff.  Things we will need assistance with in the near future include:  trucks to move large pieces of equipment and pipe for the pull up bar, power tools, ladders, I think I remember someone mentioning a refrigerator, and any time you can donate will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks for all the patience, support and the weird enthusiasm for moving stuff:)

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