The Center of the Universe

The idea of this blog is to educate and share our experiences about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle. This adventure begins in our kitchen! Just like what we do in the gym, this information is for all culinary levels. I want to encourage you to ask any questions you have, whether its about cookware, substituting ingredients, step by step instructions.

The site is barren at the moment, but it will grow to include links to recipe sites, have multiple guest authors and hopefully lots of mouth watering pictures of delicious food!

A focal point of this blog will be the Puhlayo Market delivery.

We can share our recipe ideas and strategies each week on how to best use the items.

Here are our items this week:

Cara Caras (hybrid of navel oranges and grapefruit)
Brussel Sprouts
Spaghetti Squash
Coconut Milk
Braising Mix (radish tops, dandelion tops, etc.)
Rainbow Carrots
Celery Root

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