Rowing for Weight Loss: How to Row Properly to Lose Weight

If you’re looking for an awesome way to burn calories and build muscle, you’ll find the rowing machine to be your new best friend. Rowing for weight loss offers many advantages despite the fact that the rowing machine is often left sitting unused and unloved in the corner of the gym. Learning how to row properly will net you some hardcore results if you commit to using it regularly. An unexpected perk of rowing: unlike more popular equipment, there’s never anyone waiting to use the rowing machine!

If you’re wanting to start rowing for weight loss, there’s several things you should consider to make sure you’re maximizing your efforts.

1. Employ the proper technique

The first step of how to row properly is to make sure that you’re rowing with the right technique. Although this may seem so simple that it’s not even worthy of mention, you might be surprised how many folks don’t use the proper rowing form.

Although there are variations in how people use the rowing machine, you should use four basic positions as you row. You should reach, catch, drive, and finish to complete one stroke. Make sure you maintain the composure of your arms and legs and make sure they don’t flail as you move.

As you continue to use the rowing machine, you’ll feel more comfortable as your technique improves. Want to watch the motion in action? Click here for a short video from Paradiso CrossFit to learn more.

2. Keep the right pace

One of the positives of a treadmill is that you don’t need to think too hard about your pace. You can program the machine ahead of time and off you go. Not so with equipment like the rowing machine.

Because of this, you need a plan in place ahead of time when you’re rowing for weight loss.

You have many different options when it comes to the length of your exercise as well as your strokes per minute. To maximize your weight loss, use a variety of different sessions. You can do shorter, higher-impact rows some days, while doing longer sessions with a lower stroke per minute on others. The ladder method can also prove useful. With this plan, you increase one stroke per minute until you hit a set number. Then, you slow down by a stroke per minute until you return to your original pace.

3. Log your progress

It’s easy to lose track of how well you’re progressing when you’re rowing for weight loss. Utilize an app on your smartphone or an old-school journal to track your workouts. Cataloging your workouts and their data will help you push yourself towards newer and harder goals as you progress. As an added bonus, it will also help keep you accountable on your fitness journey.

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