5 Easy Ways to Add More Protein to Your Diet

Are you looking to maximize your workouts? If so, healthy nutrition has to be a key part of your daily routine. Although there’s dozens of variations of nutrition programs, almost all of them are going to encourage you to have a high protein diet. Why? Because eating more protein means that you’ll be able to build and maintain muscle mass.

However, eating a high protein diet doesn’t happen on accident.

If you’re wondering how to add protein to your diet, consider these five easy steps.

1. Plan Ahead

Eating more protein requires planning. If you were to go through the average American pantry and fridge, you’d find lots of carbs and very little protein. Carbs and sugary processed foods are usually much easier to grab and go when you’re in a hurry.

Make sure you put together a comprehensive shopping list so that you have what you need on hand. Then, consider doing some basic food prep so that you can have high protein items available at all times.

If you don’t, you’re more likely to make food choices that will run contrary to your fitness goals.

2. Build a better breakfast

It’s easy to grab cereal, a bagel, or a muffin in the morning as you’re running out the door to the gym or to work. Unfortunately, these foods aren’t going to help you achieve a high protein diet. Instead, reach for some eggs (you can hard boil a dozen ahead of time for convenience). Greek yogurt is also a protein powerhouse, so grab a spoon and you’ll be much better off than munching on that super-sugary cereal.

3. Consider supplements

Protein powders, shakes, and other protein-rich supplements are another easy way to slip some extra amino acids into your diet. At Paradiso CrossFit, we partner with Progenex, an excellent recovery supplement that helps rebuild muscle, as well as other meal supplement services. Make sure you carefully read labels to make sure the protein supplement you’re using doesn’t contain additives or chemicals and is relatively low in sugar.

4. Sub in some seafood

When people think of a high protein diet, their mind usually goes to grilled chicken breast. Although a well-prepared chicken breast can be a staple of a healthy diet, consider adding some seafood to your routine. Many people are intimidated by fish and shrimp because of their finicky nature when they’re being cooked. However, adding seafood to your diet can aid you in a variety of helpful ways.

5. Prepare for the unexpected

No matter how prepared you are, life will throw you a curve ball here and there. To make sure you don’t throw your diet out the window when your schedule goes haywire, prepare a few shortcuts for busy days. Having a few high-protein shakes or protein bars on hand will keep you from having to make a drive-thru run. Just make sure that you read labels carefully before you buy them, because many of these products can be loaded with sugar.

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