Train Like A Marine: Try This Marine Corps Workout

Marine Corps Workout at Paradiso Crossfit

Do you want to exercise like you’re one of the few and the brave? U.S. Marines are known for their intense training regimen, but civilians can also achieve tremendous goals with a Marine workout from Paradiso CrossFit.

Wage War On Fat and Build Muscle

Those looking to put themselves through a mock boot camp will find tremendous results with a Marine Corps workout. The idea here is to dial up the intensity and maintain it throughout the workout, especially when it gets challenging.

Naturally, no boot camp style workout is complete without pull-ups.

This “basic” exercise will engage your arms, back, and shoulders all at the same time thanks to its upper-body compound movement. Pull-ups will also elevate your heart rate, giving you a multi-muscle blasting exercise and a cardio workout all at once.

Push-ups are often used as punishment for slacking off in the Marines, but you’ll find that they are your best friend in the gym. We all know that push-ups help to bring definition to your chest, but did you know that they also help to enhance your cardiovascular system and improve your posture? Push-ups can also help to provide a total body workout as they increase your HGH (human growth hormone) production and protect your shoulders from injury as you perform other exercises.

Marines are well-acquainted with crunches. In order to train like a Marine in your workout, you’ll need this exercise in order to strengthen your core and build your abdominal muscles. Of course, crunches also have the added benefit of building the defined midsection that we’re all seeking.

Yes, Your Marine Corps Workout Will Also Involve Running

Push-ups, pull-ups, and crunches can improve your cardio, but no Marine’s workout is complete without some old-fashioned running. Marines are tasked with running long distances in a relatively short period of time, and you’ll be able to do the same through hard work and dedication.

The Marine Physical Fitness test calls for males to run three miles in 18 minutes and for females to run three miles in 21 minutes. If that sounds like it’s out of your range right now, don’t be discouraged. You can work your way up in speed and distance until you hit your desired target.

Train Like a Marine at Paradiso CrossFit

If you’re looking to look like a Marine without signing up for the the U.S. Armed Forces, then Paradiso CrossFit is the place for you! Our CrossFit workouts incorporate weight training, body weight exercises, and endurance drills to give everyday people the Marine Corps workout experience.

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