5 Ways To Become Part Of The Playa Vista Fitness Club Community

Joining a fitness club requires many decisions.

What services does each club offer? How close is each club located to my home or work? And most importantly, what is the community like at each club?

Today, Paradiso CrossFit would like to share 5 ways that you can become a part of the Playa Vista fitness club community. We will go over some of the ways that you participate in the local fitness activities provided by our CrossFit and fitness gyms.

Playa Vista Fitness Club

1. Join One Of Our Specialty Classes

Our first way for beginners to join the fitness club community is joining a specialty class. Everyone enjoys hanging out with someone who shares their interests, so joining a specialty class that you enjoy gives you an opportunity to meet like-minded people.

Furthermore, our specialty classes like yoga and swimming are great for all fitness levels, so you can easily find people who are beginners as well.

2. Talk With One Of Our Expert Coaches

Another way for you to become a part of the Playa Vista fitness club community is getting to know our coaches. At Paradiso CrossFit, most of coaches have years of experience in professional athletic experience either through competitions or through collegiate and Olympic level training.

Our coaches are willing to introduce you into whatever kind of training you choose to do, because they always put community first.

3. Try Out One Of Our Classes: Drop-Ins

Drop-ins are an easy way to try out a class and see whether or not it is right for you. We offer drop-ins on our classes, because we want new clients to understand not only what the classes are about, but also what the culture and community is like in our classes.

crossfit training playa vista fitness club

4. Talk With One Of Our Members

As a part of joining the Paradiso CrossFit community, you’ll begin to hear about the success that other members have had through our programs. When you come to one of our classes, be sure to talk with some of the other members there to learn why they train and what they went through to get through training.

We also have dozens of member success stories posted on our website for you to view anytime.

5. Sign Up For One Of Our PCF University Semesters

Our last way that you can join the Playa Vista fitness club community is through signing up for one of our PCF University semesters. College is one of the easiest times in life to socialize and meet new people, and our PCF University courses aim to facilitate that kind of learning and experience.

We hold these courses every 4-6 weeks, and they are CrossFit training classes designed just like a college course with weekly homework assignments.

How Can I Join The Playa Vista Fitness Club Community With Paradiso CrossFit?

Now that you’ve seen the many ways that Paradiso CrossFit can introduce you into the fitness club community in Playa Vista, don’t wait any longer to sign up or drop in for a class.

If you would like to check out Paradiso CrossFit, call us today at (310) 450-6870, or come by any of our locations in Venice or Culver City.

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