Playa Vista Health Club: 7 Things to Look Out For

Playa Vista Health Club: 7 Things to Look Out For

What do you look for in a health club? Physical Therapy? Swimming Classes? Today, our team at Paradiso CrossFit wants to outline seven of the most notable things in our Playa Vista health club.

Each of these things will highlight how our health club separates itself from the competition, and we hope you will see why we are so different.

1) We Offer Nutritional Support

In order to get you on the right path to healthiness, you must start by getting the right nutritional support. We provide a coaching service to guide you through post-workout meal planning and reaching target nutritional goals. We check in every week with you to assess your progress and troubleshoot any questions you may have.

2) We Are Affiliated With Top Quality Food Programs

Along with our nutritional support, we have partnered with a few local healthy food delivery programs. There are food partners who sell supplements and protein powders for post-workout boosts. There are also meal delivery services that send you fresh and frozen meals directly to you.

3) We Have An Amazing Physical Therapy Staff

Moving towards our workout health services, we host a well-trained staff of physical therapists with sports medicine and kinesiology certifications. We offer therapeutic massages, KT wrapping, fascial stretching, and joint mobilization, just to name a few. We also have a physical therapy video library on our website.

4) We Offer Guided Fitness Courses

PCF University is one of our keynote courses because it is designed as a fun college-like course. This program is a weekly guided-exercise course, in which students receive homework for the week after each class. These courses last from 4-6 weeks and cover many of the exercises in a traditional CrossFit class but in a more structured and isolated format.

5) We Have Many Different Specialty Classes

We understand that CrossFit is not for everyone. That is why we offer specialty classes to suit every member’s needs. From swim courses to yoga groups, we have everything that you would expect from a health club and much more, and it is just another reason why we are the best Playa Vista health club.

6) We Have An Exercise Video Library

Now, why would an exercise video library matter for a health club? This video library allows our members to practice and learn exercises wherever they go, so you can take your exercises with you if you travel a lot. Also, exercise videos allow you to practice and perfect your form before you come back to the gym.

7) We Offer Drop-Ins

Drop-ins are a great way for newcomers to witness and experience what we have to offer here at Paradiso CrossFit. Our drop-in program works at any of our locations and is very cost-effective — an excellent addition to our affordable pricing plans.

Learn More About Our Playa Vista Health Club

No matter what you are looking for in a health club, we’ve got it all here at Paradiso CrossFit. From nutritional support to a large online video library, we have got everything and more for a health club. Stop by any of our locations in Culver City or Venice Beach to get started today!

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