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Whether you’re looking for a new high-intensity workout or you’re sick of not seeing results, Paradiso Crossfit’s Westchester crossfit gym is the place for you. Our fitness center is perfect for everyone from beginners to fitness buffs, and we have the best personal trainers, group exercise classes, and nutritional advice to get you started on the right foot.

About the Exercises

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Crossfit was invented in 2000 and consists of various exercises that strengthen muscles, increase endurance, and improve agility. These exercises include high-intensity interval training, plyometrics and Olympic weightlifting. But don’t let those names scare you—our world-class personal trainers and group classes will show you everything you need to know. Our crossfit gym near Westchester offers these exercises and more to people who are serious about using crossfit training to achieve and maintain a high level of health and fitness.

Right for your Body, Right for your Budget

Finding a good crossfit gym near you can get expensive. It’s important for your gym to accommodate your lifestyle and budget.

Paradiso Crossfit offers a number of different membership options, from annual packages to monthly memberships.

We have a variety of group class discounts too, making your decision to choose us as your fitness center an easy one.

Convenient Locations

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Whether or not your exercise center is near your home or office is a key factor in how often you’ll go. That’s why you should join our crossfit gym near Westchester—our three convenient locations in Culver City, Venice, and Muscle Beach are all easily accessible from anywhere in West LA, allowing you to maximize your membership.

Achieve Your Goals

Our philosophy is Everything is Everything (EIE). This is the understanding that all of our actions, whether they’re inside or outside the gym, have an affect on your health and fitness. We’ve found that true success is better measured over the long term, and addressing various lifestyle issues such as sleep, nutrition, stress, mobility and recovery are just as important as how often you’re at the gym. At our crossfit gym near Westchester, we’ll work with you to take your fitness journey to the next level.

With Paradiso Crossfit’s three locations in Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey, and Ladera Heights as well as over 24 coaches and staff and 500 valued members, we’re dedicated to helping every individual reach their personal fitness goals. It’s why we were named the Best Gym of 2016 by LA Weekly.

These are only some of the reasons fitness enthusiasts and professionals choose Paradiso Crossfit. Our main focuses are effective workouts, positive lifestyle, and strong community. Visit our Westchester crossfit gym and see why it’s the perfect fit for you. Your first one-on-one training session is free — and we’re sure you’ll be back for more.

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