WOD Demo | Pulling Strength

5 Rounds:
1 Min ME (Unbroken set) Strict Pull-Ups
1 Min ME (Unbroken set) Axle Bar Deadlifts

Notes: Record total number of DL’s and PU’s. 5 Bars per gym, For busy classes these will be the set weights for this strength portion. This allows for easy plate changes during the rest between partners or groups of three. In small classes share an axle, or have your own. Weights: 45-75 (one bar), 95-125 (second bar), 135-175 (third bar), RX: 185-225 (fourth bar), Rx+: 245-285 (fifth bar). For pull-ups scale to ring rows or strict banded pull-ups. It is imperative you get your chin over the bar without a kip, so use whatever scale is necessary to do so.

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