Culver City Health Club | 3 Reasons Why You Won’t Plateau at Paradiso

PCF 2011 WOD Blog Image 11Do you feel stifled at your Culver City health club? Do you ever feel like you’ve reached a limit that you just can’t seem to pass? It’s normal to arrive at a plateau after a period of successful exercising. If you’re doing the same routine week after week, you’re going to get caught in a rut. Here at Paradiso CrossFit, we realize the importance of a  varied workout, and we go to great lengths to design programs that keep people interested – mentally and physically. Here are three reasons why you won’t plateau at Paradiso.

  1. Our Workout of the Day

At Paradiso, you’ll never have the same kind of day twice. We change our workout routines on a daily basis so that there’s always something new to look forward to. Muscle confusion prevents plateauing by constantly changing which muscle groups get worked, meaning your body never has time to grow accustomed to your workout. Our scientifically based programming is carefully designed to present new challenges every time you come in to your Culver City health club.

  1. Dedicated Instructors

You’re going to have a hard time getting bored when our instructors are around! We’re proud to offer world-class fitness professionals with the highest credentials and certifications. Our trainers will push you to your limits safely, and help you to keep your workout plan interesting and varied. A well-rounded exercise plan is the key to achieving (and surpassing) your personal fitness goals, and our trainers have the knowledge and experience to get you there. If your Culver City health club isn’t cutting it, try Paradiso.

  1. Our Supportive Community

Things never get boring at Paradiso. Just when you think you’ve taken it to the limit, there’s always someone there to encourage you to go further. Our members are passionate about fitness, and friendly to boot.

If you want to make some new friends with similar interests, Paradiso is a great community. Having people around who share your goals gives you an opportunity to learn from the experience of others, not just your own. It’s easy to plateau when working out alone, so consider finding a new Culver City health club if you’re not connecting with the community.

PCF 2011 WOD Blog Image 13Schedule a Free Class

Your workout routine is a personal thing, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. We believe that our versatile classes and equipment can benefit anyone, but it’s up to you to try it for yourself.

That’s why we give you the opportunity to try a class free of charge. Just sign up online, show up, and see if Paradiso is the right fit for you. We firmly believe that after you experience the Paradiso lifestyle, any other Culver City health club just won’t cut it. Stop by one of our locations in Venice or Marina Del Rey today.

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