Knife skills partner WOD.

Sunday March 23, 2014


Hip extension w/ band
Posterior chain floss
Calf stretch

Warm up:

Jog 400 meters
5 Inchworms
10 Pull ups or Ring rows
15 Squats


Death by 10 meters

Notes: EMOM do a 10 meter shuttle out and back. Add a shuttle each minute until you cannot complete the shuttles within the minute.

-Rest 3 minutes- 

3 rounds for time of:
15-foot rope climb, 5 ascents
25 ring dips
100 squats
-25 min time cap

Notes:  Sub rope climbs with “rope lowers” and use bands and boxes for dips or perform pushups as needed. Focus on continual movement!

 Cool down:

10 Wall extensions
Couch stretch
German hang
Samson stretch




I truly see Cooking as an art, a form of expression,
as way to love and connect with the special people in our lives.

Yesterday was a very memorable evening of slicing, dicing, mincing, butchering fun!
I hosted a  hands-on knife skills class for 15  awesome PCF members. 
Tons of fun. Laughs. & dam good food!   

Tons of learning too! Body mechanics, technique &  execution of classic knife cuts.  Highlighting the parallels between crossfit/ good form for  lifting- and efficient, safe, (eventually) impressive knife skills.  Plus the invention of the Knife Skills partner WOD! 

Knife skills are such an essential skill set for making delicious nutrition happen in the kitchen to support our healthy, active lifestyles.   My goal here was to share skills that further equip my fellow PCFers to feel confident at the cutting board- which is one of the chef’s most important tools.

…Mission accomplished. These guys did amazing.

 I  want to take the opportunity to thank the Paradiso’s for welcoming with open arms, something I am sooo abso-fuckin-lutely passionate about and providing a platform here to share it .
I am  thrilled to have the opportunity of sharing what I love.  
…Stay tuned for the next class!

(wow. this is my shortest post ever. )



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