Breakfast: Your day’s best friend!

Paleo English Muffin, Spinach, Eggs & Sausage

Paleo English Muffin, Eggs & Sausage

Whenever I meet with people to discuss their diets; I ask what time did you wake up? and when did you eat?  I’m so surprised to hear that most people skip breakfast or eat breakfast hours after waking-up.  Metabolically speaking, from the moment our eyes open from sleep the bodies chemistries start working.  If you don’t give your body “fuel” your body does the opposite of what you think.  IT STORES FAT AND MAKES SUGAR TO BURN as fuel. Stored where? In those places that you just can’t seem to get rid of… It’s our body’s defense mechanism.  When this happens the body releases adrenalin which increases cardiac enzymes and lowers the HCL levels in the stomach. What this means is the body gets a huge burst of energy for a moment, the heart & adrenals get stressed and your belly  feels full although the body is running on reserve fuel.

It takes less than 2 min to make eggs, a protein shake or heat up leftovers in the morning.  If you just don’t function in the mornings then plan to make something a night before to eat when you first wake up.  It may be a lot of planning at first but with daily planning a habit will form. I hope that this year, 2014, will be the year that we can MAKE time for what’s important because everyone deserves the fuel that BREAKS THE FAST!

For more information about meal planning feel free to contact myself or any of the PCF nutritional team members for support.

I recently made and really enjoyed these Paleo English Muffins. They can easily be made ahead of time, freeze well and are great for a breakfast sandwich.


Quick Paleo English Muffins



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