Week of 12/30/2013 – Meet Week!

Monday – Snatch Day

1) Snatch: Find Max, no more than two misses

2) Clean & Jerk: Hit Opener 

3) Back Squat: Find 1 rep max


Tuesday – Clean and Jerk/Squats

No barbell class tonight because of New Year’s Eve. If you are able to make it to the gym today, do the following:

1) Power Snatch + Overhead Squat: 3 sets @ 75%

2) Clean from Power Position + Push Jerk: 3 sets @ 75%

3) Jerk from Rack: 3 singles @ 85% of jerk


Thursday – Power Day

1) Snatch: Hit Opener

2) Clean & Jerk: Hit last warm up before opener. 

3) Clean Pulls: 4 x 1 @ opener weight


Friday – Blocks/Squats

For those lifting Saturday, this will probably be a rest day given how the week broke down. If you feel like you want to do something or are not lifting Saturday, do the following:

1) Power Snatch to 75% of Snatch

2) Power Clean and Split Jerk to 70% of Max C&J


Saturday – Max out Day!

 TCA New Year’s Weightlifting Meet! Come watch if you are not competing. 

 If you are not coming to the meet than have your own meet today and max out after following the mini deload of the week. 

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