Ball of Foot (BOF) Drill – Demo and Explanation


Ball of Foot – (BOF) is also referred to as the mid foot. It is the area forward of the arch, before the toes and it is where we land while running. Stand with upright, correct posture. Feet are shoulder width apart, knees are soft. Midline is tight with neutral hips. Head is neutral (chin is not jutting out in front) and vision is forward. Arms are 90 degree angle and shoulders are back and relaxed. Start hopping in place while holding posture 10-20 hops. Add a lean forward from the ankles and hop forward for 10 hops. Repeat 3 times.

This is an important drill, as it teaches where to land while running, as well as how to fall forward while maintaining a tight midline.

Common Mistakes – Landing too far forward on the foot (toe running). Not letting the heel “kiss the ground” while on BOF. Staring at the ground or leaning too far forward.

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