Avocado Bacon Cups

Sunday, January 13, 2012


30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 5 minutes of:
Running in place while skipping rope

Group Mobility:

Shoulder prep

Gymnastics Strength:

5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 reps of Strict Handstand Pushups

Notes:  Start at a Range of motion that is easy for 5 reps with perfect form.  For each set, increase your ROM, until you find your limit at the 1 rep, then build back up to the 5 reps in the reverse manner.  For advanced athletes use plates or parallettes to create a deficit.


20 minute AMRAP of:
5 Wall Climbs

10 Up Downs
5 Parallette Shoot Throughs
10 Grasshoppers (left +right equals 1 rep)

Cool Down:

10 Wall extensions
Samson stretch, 30 seconds each
Plow, 15 seconds x 2

Notes:  Scale the reps and range of motion down for the Wall Climbs as needed.  Watch Diso suffer and G destroy this workout here.


Bacon Avocado Cups with Balsamic Glaze


2 avocados

4 slices of bacon, cooked

fresh lemon slice

3 T butter

1 T balsamic vinegar

1 tsp minced garlic



Cut your avocados in half lengthwise and remove the pits. Rub the insides of the avocado with a few drops of lemon juice from a fresh lemon slice (If you are eating these right away, you can leave out the whole lemon part – the lemon just helps keep the avocado from turning brown). Crumble the bacon and stuff it into the avocado half where the pit was – use one piece of bacon per avocado half.

Over low heat, melt the butter, balsamic and garlic. Stir constantly for about a minute or two until the mixture is boiling. As soon as it boils, remove from heat and drizzle all over the avocado halves.


– Jamie

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