Wall Drill with Lean Explanation

This drill combines all three cues for Pose Running – the Pose, the Fall, and the Pull.

  1. Start in the two foot Pose position. Straight line from head to toe, knees are slightly bent, and weight is on the ball of the foot. Extended the arms straight ahead about 1 foot away from the wall.
  2. “Fall” into the wall by breaking only at the ankles while keeping the stomach and butt tight to avoid breaking at the hips. This lean from the ankles should make you fall into the wall. Even though you are in a lean, double check that there is still a straight line from head to toe, knees are still bent, and weight is on the ball of the foot.
  3. Now you can pull the foot directly under the hip using the hamstring with the foot and ankle relaxed. You should be in the Figure 4 position while in a lean.
    Begin running into the wall. Make sure to keep the arms extended and maintain the same lean throughout the drill. Make sure the foot is traveling up towards the hip and back towards original support in the same line as the lean. Avoid looking down or breaking at the hip. You should land softly on the ball of the feet.
  4. After 20 strides rotate your body to the side and begin running. Maintain the same mechanics on the wall (pulling the foot into figure 4 position while maintaining a slight lean) and you should go forward using gravity with very little effort. If done correctly you will feel a weightless feeling of falling for your first five strides off the wall.

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