Double Unders

Another classic conditioning tool.  The double under also develops agility, balance, coordination and speed.  Click HERE for a demo with explanation.  A challenging movement for many, be sure to watch the learning progression and read the scaling suggestions below!


Scaling/Substitution Suggestions:

If you have a double under, but are still learning – Scale down the number of reps and/or count your missed attempts as succesful reps as well.


Substitute a run that lasts a similar length of time.  For example, 50 double unders and 200 meter run both last around a minute.


Substitute low box jumps that can be performed quickly – typically a similar number of reps as the double unders


Perform double or triple the number of reps of the Basic Bounce as double unders


Learning Progression:

1.  Finding the Proper Jumprope length

2.  Learn the Basic Bounce

3.  The Power Jump progression

4.  Bringing it all together!

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