Round and round we go

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet at the Santa Monica College Track tonight at 6:30 for the Mile Time Trial!  Click HERE for a map.  Good luck with parking!

15 Wall Extensions
15 PVC Dislocates

8 Minutes to practice Freestanding Handstands, Handstand Walking or any other inversion practice.

Workout of the Day

7 minute AMRAP of:

10 Burpees
15 Push Press 95/65#
20 Toes to Bar

Rest exactly 3 minutes, then

5 minutes to establish a 5 Rep Max of ‘Touch and Go’ Deadlifts

By touch and go, we mean that if the barbell stops on the floor at any time , the set is over. The athlete may rest in the up position, only. The BB may not lay on the body to rest, only in the hands.  This is not a lot of time, so be prepared!  Use the same bar as the Push Press and take a couple warmup sets to get up to a heavier weight, then GO FOR IT!  Do not lose a neutral spine at any time!

Rest 10 minutes, then

Run 1 mile for time

Cool Down:
Row 500 meters
Foam Roll Calves, 60 seconds each
15 Wall Extensions
Plow, 90 seconds

13 finishing his leg in the local Ragnar Relay.  Running with people (and in costumes) adds another level of excitement!

In case we haven’t pumped it up enough over the past week, we REALLY want EVERYONE to come out to the Santa Monica College Track tonight at 6:30 to participate in the Mile Time Trial!  The atmosphere is sure to be electric! 

While some people have been training specifically for this event over the past weeks and months, this is an open event for all experience levels.  We will be running multiple heats throughout the hour and I promise that running with a bunch of people will push you harder than you maybe thought possible.  For those that cannot make the track, we will still be offering a version of the mile time trial back at the gym throughout the day.  Myself and most of the coaches will be attending and participating in the track night session, but we will still have the evening class times open in a looser format.  Coaches will be available, but there will not be a structured hour time slot.  Again, if you can make it to the track, DO IT!!

Please note:  If you hate running, this event is most definitely for YOU!  I recently read a quote somewhere, “We don’t run to get in shape, we get in shape to run!”  Running is an essential component of becoming an athlete and without this skill or the development of this skill, we will never fully develop our athletic potential.  For those that want to get better in the gym…get better at running.  Attend track night to develop skills that will translate into long term health, fitness and success!

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