A fundamental gymnastic movement!  Strength in this position will not only relate over to other gymnastic movements, but all other overhead movements!  Read below for learning progressions!


Safety Tip:  Stay in your comfort zone!  Use a spotter or ask for assistance if you are uncomfortable with any movement or progression!   


Learning Progression:

Depending upon strength, mobility and comfort with being inverted, there are a variety of ways to learn the Handstand.  Using a spotter always makes the process easier, but we are assuming that you will not have a spotter for this series.


1.  Basic Support on a Box

2.  Support against the Wall

3.  Learning to Kick up – Lunging

4.  Using the Wall as a Spotter

5.  Moving away from the wall – Learning to turn out safely

6.  From here you can start working on Handstand Walking and more advanced Handstand Pushup Variations!


Supplemental Drills:


1. Tripod and Frogstand – Get comfortable with being inverted and balancing on your hands

2.  Headstand Presses – Learn greater body awareness and midline control

3.  Shoulder Taps – get stronger through your shoulders and more confident in walking on your hands


Mobility Suggestions:

Overhead Band Distraction

Tricep Mash

Foam Roll Lats

Cat Stretch

Wrist Mobility

Keg Drill

T-spine Smash


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