Gymnastics Warmup – Intermediate Level

Choose 4-5 exercises from below and perform 3-5 rounds with the following rep scheme: gymnastic movements, 3-5 reps each; Hip-Back Extensions, 10 reps each; static hold positions, maintain each for 10-12 seconds.

  The warmup should last about 15 minutes and the focus should be on quality.

  Do not move up in difficulty until you can perform ALL rounds and reps with perfect form!

Handstand Pushups
Frog stand
Pistols (each leg)
Hip-Back extensions
Strict weighted pull-ups
Muscle-up ring rows (full turnout at the start)
Butterfly kips
Tuck L-sit on the rings
Tuck OR Straddle press to headstands


-Partial ROM on Handstand pushups are acceptable.
-Pistols should be full range of motion
-Weighted Pullups should maintain hollow body position throughout the full range of motion
-The tuck L-sit on the rings should reinforce proper ring support position, with no bending of the elbows
-Use mats for the press to headstands, and swap
for back extensions/kettlebell swings (10 each) if the athlete has neck issues.

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