Gymnastics Warmup – Advanced Level

Choose 4-5 exercises from below and perform 3-5 rounds of 3-5 repetitions of each.  For the static hold positions, maintain each for 10-12 seconds.  The warmup should last about 15 minutes and the focus should be on quality.  Do not move up in difficulty until you can perform ALL rounds and reps with perfect form!

Headstand push-ups (read below)
Advanced frog stand or tuck planche
Pistols (each leg, add weight if necessary)
Glute-ham raises
L pull-ups

Wide-grip muscle-up rows (swap with butterfly kip practice if unable to butterfly kip)
Tuck back lever/advanced tuck back lever
L-sit on parallettes
Tuck/Straddle/Pike Handstand Press Progressions (links below)


-Headstand push-ups: from a headstand on a stack of mats, press to a handstand, then try to maintain balance and lower
back down. You can continue this progression until you can do headstand push-ups from the ground, then move to parallettes
to develop full range-of-motion free handstand push-ups.
-On advanced frog stands/planches, the elbows must always be straight.
-Do GHRs slowly, use assistance band if necessary.
-L pull-ups can be done with an underhand or overhand grip
in a tuck or regular L-sit.
-Once butterfly kipping is learned, move on to developing the wide-grip muscle-up.
-Choose the difficulty of the Handstand Press based on level of ability (head on mats, against the wall)

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