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Friday, December 16, 2011

Spend 5 minutes on the Mobility Drills below

Warm up
3 rounds for Quality of:
6 Deadlifts, increase the weight each round
Run in Place for 30 Seconds, practice Pose form
12 Hollow Rocks

Complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:
Run 400 meters
Deadlift 155 pounds, 21 reps

G 6 rounds plus 200 meter run (115lbs), Alexi 4 rounds plus 400 meter run (115lbs)

Cool Down
50 Situps
25 Toes to Bar
15 Knees to Elbows


For today’s workout, we will be implementing a few new techniques and methods into our routine.  Everything we ask is about developing quality mechanics first and intensity second.  If you struggle to get into a good deadlift start position, you need to have a progression to develop this movement pattern correctly, as opposed to just saying fuck it, I can lift it off the floor who cares!  This is not the key to long term bad-assery.  The position required for our deadlift relates most obviously to our olympic lifts, but to all movement and the ability to control our midline and work on our weaknesses. I posted a link in comments last week, but just in case you missed it.  This is from an old member of ours named Fondo, talking about his journey with deadlift form.  Read his post here:

I had a deadlift breakthrough last night. Deadlift and more specifically lower back strength has been my achilles heel. My first deadlift PR ever at PCF was 275 in Fall 2009. By fall of 2010 my deadlift max was 365*-my little asterisk denotes that yes I could lockout at the top with 365 but my form was atrocious- extremely rounded back that made Zeb shake his head in silent disappointment. I was letting pride get in my way. I knew what I was doing was dangerous and that it was limiting my potential to getting really strong but it didn’t matter to me, I wanted to lift alot *today*! I wanted to lift as much or more then other guys at the gym right now, and if I had to round my back and hurt my lower back muscles that night – I would. Diso and Zeb gave advised to drop the weight on my deadlift and focus on proper technique and solid form, go back to the basics. Then I got orders to Florida and have been training out here since Dec ’10. New gym, no pressure-I dropped my DL weight. As much I hated to, on Deadlift WODS I scaled down to a weight I know I could execute perfect deadlift form. On 1RM days I would never go to full 1 RM, just focus on how much I could move with perfect form. If my back started to round, I stopped. I deadlifted like this a whole year. Last night Dec 1,2011 I hit a 415 deadlift 1RM with great form and great speed. I felt like I could hit 425 easy but after a 50lb PR I thought “nope, save it for next time”. Back rounded a little (since of course, this is a max limit attempt) but it was nowhere near like when I was 1RM 365 in fall 2010, and it was most importantly -SAFE FORM. It took patience and I had to swallow my pride and go down in DL weight, but I’m now in a much stronger and safer place since I went back to the basics. Virtuosity is my theme for 2012, master the basics. “Perform the common, uncommonly well” or something along those lines I bet I f’d it up but we know what i mean.

Old Fondo…I look forward to seeing a pic of the new and improved Fondo!

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