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Friday, December 2, 2011

Burgener Warm up with PVC
Row 250 meters
2 minutes  Overhead Mobility with Foam roller aka the Keg Drill
Burgener Warm up with Barbell

Load up, then perform

Hang power snatch 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Rest as needed, then

Tabata Farmers Carry for distance (55/35), we will have cones set up to run laps
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Hold the top of a Hip Extension

Alex B, Joshua Tree

Look at us like the physical manifestation of your health and well being…we are a full time commitment in your life and you have to get to know us!  We know ask a lot of you, but we believe you are worth it and we are here to help you succeed in whatever manner you seek.  Whether your goal is to be a fit Mommy or Daddy, to be a competitive CrossFitter or to be a better Lacrosse player, we are constantly evolving with you.  Last week we announced that we will be making some changes to benefit both the members and those interested in becoming trainers, we hope you like them!

Announcement #1 – The On-Ramp Review!

We have developed an Intro Packet for all new On-Ramp members as a guide to entering the Regular Group classes.  Our old fashioned method of communicating everything face to face just ain’t cutting it anymore!  The packet covers the basic expectations of a PCF member, 4 fundamental movements, Nutrition and support services, this new graduation process and FAQs.  All members are responsible for knowing this information, so we will be emailing the packet to everybody!

There will be a sign up sheet at the bottom of the stairs starting this Monday and the reserved time for this will be Friday nights at 7:30pm.

  We understand everyone may not be able to make this time, so when you sign up, be sure to include your preferred days of the week and times that work for you.  One of our trainers will contact you to confirm your time slot and thats it!

  The session will last just over an hour and cover all the information from the Intro Packet.  After you pass the review, you will be able to attend any of our regularly scheduled classes!

Announcement #2 – Movement Assistance!

When one teaches, two learn
                                  –Robert Heinlein

One on one coaching will now be available to the regular gym members through the same process as above.  The On Ramp Review will receive priority, but if there is something you have been struggling with and can’t figure it out on your own or in the group class atmosphere, this is a great option!

One on one coaching is wonderful.  Outside of the group environment, having an extra set of eyes to help figure out what is going on, breaking things down in a way you may have never thought of, can create breakthroughs in your performance.  Whether you want someone to video you performing Olympic Lifts, or help doing handstands, put your name up on the list and we will see what we can do!  I look forward to seeing both the athletes and the coaches grow through these encounters.  The sign up for this will be available starting this Monday!

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