Recovery Day or not!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Warm up
10 Front Squats with Bar
10 Dips
Spend 6 minutes mobilizing your Front Rack position
10 Skin the Cats
10 Squat Cleans (95/65)
10 Dips

Load up and practice your clean, then perform

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Squat Clean, 135lbs
Ring Dips

Cool Down
10 Wall Extensions
Hold and accumulate Middle Split for 3 minutes
Hold and accumulate Pancake Split for 3 minutes
10 Wall Extensions


Today’s workout is a classic couplet of lifting and gymnastics in three short sets.  In these workouts, efficiency and intensity are a must.  Our warm up is all about improving our positioning to increase our efficiency.  Read the following and watch the above video to see an easy way to improve your rack position.  When working the Skin the Cat, take your time and be sure to work a variation that will allow  you to assume full range of motion and reach a quality bottom postition.

From Mobilty Wod:

Collect 3-4 min mashing your triceps on a barbell.  You can certainly tack and stretch as well, but mainly slowly roll side to side.  Imagine trying to separate out all the fibers of your triceps.

Two central ideas about the MWod model.

1) Be sure to compare sides before mobilizing the other side.  Athletes freak out when differences in side to side are exposed after mobilizing.  The freak out reinforces the need to mob.

2) If you can’t see change, there is no change.  Simple right?  How do I know the mob is working.  Simple.  You can see that you suck less.

Test/Retest:  The front rack position and dip.

You can see Jess in a quality bottom position, using an assistance band.  Make sure you put the rings high enough so that you can put your foot in the band (not the knee) and still be able to assume proper depth!

Maintain more control and better positioning with the straight dip bars instead of the rings.  You can use assistance bands with this technique as well.

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