Back to School.

Warm up with 3 rounds of

5 Heavy Good mornings

100 meter build ups

10 High Box Jumps

Rest as needed

Ten rounds, each for time of:

100 meter sprint

Rest 90 seconds

Post times for each round to comments.

Cool down with Tabata Hollow Holds.

This workout has been known to blow out hamstrings and ankles IF YOU DON’T WARM UP PROPERLY.  The 100 meter build ups are meant to get your body and legs prepped for the violence and twitchy speed of all out sprints.


“Ninja convention.  Sold out.”

A part of me has always seen CrossFit boxes, apart from physical proving grounds, social gatherings and training centers,  as also schools for learning some really cool shit.  Although Greg Glassman has said that each class should feel more like a birthday party than a physics lesson, one can’t help but to notice that each CF box is covered in white board, and each white board is vandalized (thanks to Joe D for the verb) with names, times, weights, drawings, diagrams, pictures, lines, angles, and definitions.  This wreaks of school, and school means learning.

Some of my proudest moments are when I listen to new people question our members what CrossFit is, what a snatch or clean and jerk is, what intensity is, and our people who have been here for a while fire back with an intelligent, well thought out response, with civility and respect, and open for discussion.

Post thoughts, and sprint times, to comments.


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