The Thrill

Warm up to a heavy set of two reps in the squat clean.

Rest as needed, then perform

Five rounds for time of:

155 lb squat clean, 7 reps

14 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood

Jason Khalipa 4:44, Karianne Dickson 6:19 (105 clean, 35 lb kettlebell)


The athleticism, violence, and power of Maru’s kipping pull up.

In our world, the short, fast, heavy WODs tend to be more intense and fun to watch than others.  The ability to give it everything you’ve got in a short amount of time is, in and of itself a skill.  Come on in and get some.


By this time in the Newtrition Challenge, people have experimented with a plethora of different food combinations, figure out what their go to meals are, what their go to snacks are, and what they would jump out windows to avoid.  I was talking with someone earlier about how I wished this was my first nutrition challenge in CrossFit, so enamored was I with it’s complexity and thoroughness.

  Anyway, my go to meals are usually 5 blocks of steak, 3 blocks sauteed brocolli and red peppers, 2 blocks of strawberries/blueberries, and almonds (5P 5C 15F).

  My go to snacks were deli slices or beef jerky, 1 cup blueberries or strawberries, and almonds (2P 2C 6F.)  I love cantaloupe, but I will NEVER try to eat 2 blocks of it with veggies again.  On the go, because a lot of restaurants post their nutrition info near their cashiers, I would memorize the block counts for each meal and only get ones that were proportioned out roughly to what I was after.

Post WOD times, go to meals, and stay away foods to comments.


Congratulations to Vicky Chang for getting her first kipping pull ups yesterday at 10am!


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