Explosive Start!

For time:

30 Back Squats, (225/155)

Run 1 mile

Rest as needed

Cool down with Tabata Hollow holdIMG_0741

Behold the new wall ball target!  (Accuracy required.)

We’re now on day 4 of our Newtrition Challenge.  Some people have busted out the gate with guns blazing scoring 10 to 19 points per day, while others have crashed and burned in the Negative Zone for points (Nerd points for who can tell me where I got the Negative Zone from, and you cannot use Google)

We want to hear how it’s going so far.  Is it fun?  Challenging?  Bullshit?  Too much broccoli?  What have you noticed about food that you haven’t so far?  How are your workouts feeling?

  Is there a difference in focus and priority in your daily life and workouts?

Although my current score is negative 2 (sad I know) this challenge is the most comprehensive nutrition challenge I’ve ever been a part of.  My first day I wasn’t able to Zone, so I Paleo’d all day and was excited to get my 5 points at the end of the day.  For dinner I went to El Pollo Loco and got their 3 piece chicken combo with no tortillas, and 2 side salads for the side orders.  I got home with it late at night and ravenous.

  I destroyed the drumstick and thigh, and opened up the salads ready to crush some veggies and was horrified to discover parmesan cheese and tortilla chip bites in the salad!  Distraught, forlorn, and unwilling to go out and find more food I enthusiastically earned my negative five points for the day.

Let’s hear some stories!

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