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Front squat 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 reps

The protocol for today will be to warm up to a heavy set of 2’s and then perform each set on the minute for 10 minutes.  You may adjust weight as needed (up or down) but the goal will be to try and maintain.

Post loads to comments.


C-Rose in a great rack position for the front squat.

Following today’s front squats, use the time remaining to perform one of the “Newtrition Challenge” baseline workouts.

 Remember to choose according to what you think you will make the most improvement.

 Even if you are not participating in the challenge, pick one for fun or try and PR.

Run 5K time trial
Row 2K time trial
3×800 meter run, rest 3 minutes
4×400 meter run, rest 2 minutes
4x 500 meter row, rest 3 minutes


“Gymnastic Total”-  max strict muscle-ups, max strict handstand push-ups, max L-sit hold

Max Hanging Lsit plus Max Strict Dips
Max Lsit plus Max Strict Pullups


In 7 minutes, find your 5 rep max back squat plus 1 rep max split jerk
“Not the Total”- Find your 1 RM of Overhead squat, Bench press, Clean
“Oly Lift Total”- Find your max snatch and max clean and jerk


If you haven’t noticed, we have added a “Forum” tab to the left.  In it you will find your template for keeping track of everything pertaining to the challenge.  Everyone is encouraged to set up their own thread and keep track of their workouts.  Whether you are in the challenge or not, there are no more excuses!

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