The Beginning of the Beginning

10 minutes to practice your freestanding Handstand, use a partner if necessary

Rest as needed, then perform


21-15-9 reps for time of:

225 pound Deadlift

Handstand push-ups

Rest as needed, then perform

Max L sit

Rest 60 Seconds

Max L-sit


Smidty, max box jump!

The NEWtrition Challenge is off and running!  The next eight weeks are bound to be filled with excitement and cheer!  Please let me know if you have any questions about how to sign up and get started!  One last review of a few details and a link I forgot in the email…

-You have until the end of this week to register and complete the baseline workouts for the NEWtrition Challenge.  You are all encouraged and allowed to participate, even if you missed the Symposium.

-We will be utilizing the new PCF Forum to track your scores, share information and enjoy stimulating conversations.  PLEASE NOTE:  Use your real name on the forum!  Thanks!

-Start keeping score as soon as possible!  Remember there are weekly winners as well!

-Remember you need a judge for your “Cindy” performance!  Don’t forget to log your workout information at the bottom of your scoresheet!

I forgot to add a very important link into the Newtrition Challenge email, the Mobility WOD! Performing an Mwod is a bonus point in the scoring system and a gift to your body.  There is a mountain of information within a library of videos.  Careful!  This information can make your brain swell!  Remember, we all have our different issues to deal with, but we HAVE to deal with them.

  The purpose of the site and the exercises is to improve mobility and open your body up to a higher level of performance.

  Each series takes about 10 minutes or less, but before you start, make sure to read the website and learn what you are doing.  Kelly Starrett often refers to this process as taking the parking brake off your ferrari!  Yes, you are the ferrari and your lack of mobility is the parking brake!

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