The Time is NOW!

3 Rounds for Quality of:

3 Pull Overs

6 Pistols

10 Meter Handstand Walk or 15 Shoulder Taps

Rest as needed, then perform

5 Rounds for time of:

6 Handstand Pushups

12 Chest to Bar Pull ups

24 Weighted Walking Lunges, 35 pound dumbells

Rest as needed, then perform

2 Rounds for Quality of:

Max Hollow Hold

5 Bridge Wall Walks



The Nutrition Challenge is back!

To kick off the event, we will be hosting a Nutrition and Health Symposium this Saturday at 12:30!  We will be releasing the details of the challenge as well as discussing a wide range of topics and services to help optimize your nutrition!

   Topics to be covered include:  Paleo vs Zone, Stronger Faster Healthier Protein and Fish Oil supplementation, Brians Bowls taste test, taking advantage of our produce and meat delivery, why quality matters, and anything else that may come up!

This challenge will be different than any other we have done in the past, so get ready to make change and be held accountable!  To prepare you for the event, we will be posting the remainder of the 201 lecture series, as well as posting on different topics pertaining to nutrition throughout the week.

This isn’t the only change coming, so get ready for our next evolution!


Trail Running yesterday on the Backbone Trail in Will Rogers State Park


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