Team WOD!

In teams of two, complete 3 rounds of the following

Row 500 meters and Double unders for reps

Ring dips (25 reps for gentlemen, 20 for the ladies) and Power Cleans for reps (135/95 lbs)

In this workout, one athlete will perform double unders while the other athlete rows 500 meters.  Upon completion, one athlete will perform power cleans for as long as it takes the other athlete to complete the dips.

  Then switch.  Both athletes must be done with the double unders/row before starting the power cleans/dips.

Each athlete must row at least once and double under at least once.  At the end of the WOD, the team total reps of power cleans and double unders will equal seconds off the total time.


McCoy landed in Washington yesterday to embark on his journey to complete OCS (Officer Candidate School) for the Marine Corps.  Join us in wishing him farewell and good luck.


Our Third Annual Joshua Tree trip is coming up on the last weekend of October (28th, 29th, and 30th).  It’s three days and two nights of rock climbing, drinking, partying, hiking, napping, sightseeing, gawking, shit talking, chilling, facing your fears, and the outside chance of someone losing their mind.  No rock climbing experience necessary, we only have 4 spots left, and it’s DISO’s BIRTHDAY ON THE 29th!

I will never forget our first trip two years ago.  I had never been to J-Tree, had only rudimentary climbing skills, and we were trying to surprise Diso for his birthday whilst hiding in rocks as Martina brought him through.  I didn’t know the park was named after the eponymous, almost alien tree, and the intimidating, beautiful, mostrous rocks changed colors with the position of the sun.

  At night Diso found a high rock we could climb in the dark and, while looking at the Valley from the top, I could see all the fire pits and campgrounds in the moonlight.  It engulfed me in a trance, so otherworldy and majestic was Joshua Tree in my mind.  RSVP in the office if you want in!



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