Time vs. Task

Warm up with the “Classic warm-up
AMRAP 7 minutes of:
5 Thrusters (95#/65#)
10 Kettlebell swings
Rest 4 minutes and then perform your score (rounds and reps) for time.  Goal is sub 7 minutes.

Post score and time to comments.


Weeeeeeeeeee! This is fun!

I’ve been watching the Crossfit Games on ESPN2 and one thing that struck me is how easy they make it all look.  Clean, efficient movement performed at high intensity is a beautiful thing to behold and somehow Iceland Annie smiled through it all while being pushed to the limit.  I marveled at other smaller athletes like Annie Sakamoto (who weighs only 116 pounds at 5 feet tall)  who had to be flawless in execution to handle the big weights.

 Watching them you can see there is no movement, no breath wasted.

 The fastest (and safest) way to do something is the most efficient way, going from point a to point b in the most streamlined of lines.  Use today as an exercise in efficiency.  The movements aren’t terribly complicated and yet present many opportunites to waste energy.  Holding the bar in a less than optimal postion at the bottom of the thruster, dropping the chest in a swing, pausing too long at the top of the swing, etc are a few things that can make for inefficient movement.  Try and emulate the best even if you need to scale back, and perhaps crack a smile or two in the process 🙂

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