Can’t beat it with a (fat) stick!

Warm-up with Shoulder Prep


Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight bench press


Compare to 4/15/2011


Lara with another piece of hardware to add to her collection:)  Woot!

Once in a while something so good comes along, it would be a disservice to all of you if I don’t divulge. But it’s so good, part of me wants to keep it all to myself, selfish I know.  Anyway, I feel like a movement is forming and the majority of you are still in the dark about it, but if you can solve the puzzle: P-M-IC-N, you obviously know this primal oddity that is at once addicting and confusing, as in “how can this possibly taste so good?”  Still no clue, ok, Vanna turn your letters………….PEMMICAN!!!!!!!!!  Yay! Wait, what the hell is that?  Pemmican is food of the gods, a supreme source of fatty goodness that has changed my life.  I realize that’s kinda ridiculous sounding and to devote an entire post about it??  It’s been a long time coming.  The beauty is in it’s simplicity, grass-fed beef, rendered grass-fed fat (tallow), sweetened (if you can call it that) with a touch of honey and dried fruit molded to form the perfect superfood!  Yes it’s frozen and yes there is nothing quite like it, but it’s a delicious energy source that satisfies without filing you up.  The first time I tried it I gagged faster than you can say “fat stick” and it would be many months before I tried it again.  Everything deserves a second chance, so out of desperation and starvation, I reached in and grabbed the lonely bar and couldn’t believe how good this was!  Savory, fatty, and totally bizarre, I was hooked!  It’s been touted as the Native American “power bar” with it’s weirdly addicting taste and fatty but firm texture, and I look forward to this strange bar every morning!  I have even succeeded in making homemade pemmican and hope to do this again in the near future.  If you’re curious and want to purchase pemmican, visit  They even have a blog devoted to pemmican!  And to those of you pemmican connoisseurs, I apologize in advance if they run out of stock, so get your order in this week!


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