Over the Hump

3 Rounds for Quality of:

5 Skin the cat

5 Pull overs

40′ Plate walk

Rest as needed, then

Weighted Pull ups 3-3-3-3-3

Rest as needed, then

Tabata Hollow hold




Holy gymnastics!  Today we warm up with a very shoulder intensive skills and drills session.

  Our focus with these pre-posted warm ups and cool downs is to get you guys to focus on optimal positioning and mechanics.  You are not doing them for speed or time, but quality and control.

  Learn the movements and progressions, focus on staying tight and aware throughout every inch.

  The reason gymnasts learn things faster than everyone else is because they have been trained to ‘know’ their body through all kinds of different leverages and positions.  CrossFit wants some of that, and we want you to have it too.  The dividends will pay off tremendously.  Get some!


Welcome back Suvs.

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