Slow and strict.

“Max load “DT”

5 Rounds of unbroken reps of:

12 Deadlift

9 Hang power clean

6 Push jerk

Rest as needed between rounds

This is for max load and is treated like a normal heavy day.  The bar cannot rest on the ground, but you can “rest” the bar anywhere on your body during the set. Rest as needed between sets and adjust weights as needed for each set.

Post loads to comments.



Today we will warm up with the “Gymnastic Total”.

 In keeping with the spirit of the Crossfit Total, you will have 3 attempts at a max set of muscle-ups, max set of handstand push-ups, and max L-sit hold.  If you are going for a legit GT, muscle-ups will be strict with legs together and turn out at the bottom of the movement.  Handstand push-ups will be strict with legs together and the L-sit will be a solid 90 degrees with the legs locked out.  Like everything, there is lots of room for scaling, so wherever you are with these movements, you will be able to “test” your ability.

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