Touch and go.

Five rounds of:

3 Cleans

20 Burpees

Jerry Hill 7:41 at 205lbs, Meg Carlson-Hixson 9:40 at 105lbs.

Post time and loads to comments.


Go, Daddy, Go!

The warm up today will include 20 minutes of clean practice.

 If you are still learning the basics of keeping the bar close to the body, getting full extension at the top, reversing the direction of your body followed by lightning fast elbows, keep refining these elements.  If you are an advanced athlete, practice heavy singles and go for a PR.  Choose a weight for the workout that will challenge you.

 If your goal is to touch and go all 3 reps for all 5 rounds, your weight might be a little less than if your goal is to go as heavy as possible while maintaining speed through the burpees.  Remember, plans can change mid workout, but the weight will not….

so choose wisely.

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