A Helping Hand

Watch and review the Burgener Warm up here.

2-2-2-2 Hang Power Snatch (video below)

Focus on form.  Don’t go up in weight until you master the previous attempt.  Focus on the landing position.  You can also practice linking two repetitions together, with quality form of course!

Rest as needed, then perform


Snatch  135lbs, 30 reps

Use 95lbs, 65lbs or broomstick as needed.  Squat is not required.

Rest as needed, then

Cool down with 3 rounds, not for time of:

Strict Knees to Elbows

10 PVC Dislocates

10 Back Extensions

Thanks for all of the great feedback on the programming lately!  We made these changes in hopes to improve your training and experience at the gym.

  We have tried and announced many changes over the past two years, not all of which have stood the test of time.  (Remember the two week intensive?)  One of the major changes are the members!  We have more and more people signing up, old members moving away and veteran CrossFitters from other boxes moving into town.

As we near our capacity at the current gym space, our old way of running classes cannot remain the same.

  Our main focus has turned to keeping our quality of coaching and standards high.

  This has proven to be difficult in the evening classes and weekends when we experience a higher volume of attendance.  To address this issue we are bringing a few of our own into the coaching fray!  Our hope is to have 3 coaches working at all times during the evening, weekend and on ramp classes starting next week.  This will allow for a better athlete to coach ratio and continued flexibility during those busy hours.

Other upcoming changes include:  two track nights per week, additional rubber flooring area, more rings and ropes, some type of check in (I know, it has to be done), and more whiteboards.  Don’t forget the 2 year anniversary party coming up!

No one else around…Lara’s 1st place finish in “The Crab” Wod at the Central Coast Clash!

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