Big Time

3 Rounds for quality of:

Skip rope jog to the street

Stable Arm (Gun Drill) back to the gym

5 Deadlifts, focus on perfect form, increase load each round

Rest 60 seconds

Rest as needed, then:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

400 meter run

5 Deadlifts

Post load and time to comments.

Pat Ferris (275#)  4rds plus 200 meters, Adam Condal (275#) 4 rds

Finish with:

3 Rounds not for time of:

15 GHD situps

15 Back extensions (yes, the snakey one!), slow and controlled

Remember to check the video library for any movements you do not know!


Another farewell to Blaize, shown here with his favorite piece of equipment.

  Since first showing up at the gym, he has proven to be a true CrossFitter.  Full of questions, multiple experimental phases with his diet (gallon of milk a day and drinking olive oil to name two), more injuries (non CF related:) and scaled/substitued wods than I care to remember, and full of optimism!  He never stopped walking through the door.

  Best of luck in your future academic and athletic endeavors, I have no doubt in your continued, if not bumpy, road to success!

Track night is back on starting today!

  Frank is back from his travels and we are getting right back into the program!  For everyone that wants to improve their running technique, this is the way!  We will host this class every Thursday at 6:30pm at Santa Monica College Track.  Please comment or email us with any questions you have.

CrossFit FAST is hosting the Fight Gone Bad 6 fundraising event on Saturday, September 17th!  We will all be heading up there in the spirit of our most recent Box Jump event with them to participate.  This is a worldwide CrossFit fundraising event to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Camp Patriot and the CrossFit Kids ISR collaboration.  Click on each for more details.  If you want to participate in the event, you MUST fill out this form.  For those that want to raise money for the cause, you must also register here.  There is no minimum fundraising requirement to participate.  Please check the links above and comment or email us with any questions you have about this one too!

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