Moobs be Gone

“Mini JT”

12-9-6 reps NOT for time of:

Handstand Pushups

Ring Dips


Rest as needed, then


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

Double Unders


Be sure to check the video library for variations on any of the more advanced movements!


Sto circa 2005

I received this email from Sto a couple weeks ago and he has kindly allowed me to share it with the rest of you.  Now that Rico has moved on, Sto has assumed the title of “most commonly noticed abs” at the gym.  This is a reminder to everyone at the gym, that the people at the top of the leaderboard worked their ass off to get there, looking good is not easy, life is long and change is up to you!  Thanks for the reminder Sto.  We can’t take all the credit, but glad we could help!

Anyone else out there want to send in a few before and after pics, we would love to have them!  Below is the email that accompanied the photos, enjoy:

Was looking through old pics and came across these. This was undoubtedly the lowest of the low points of health and fitness for me. A combination of 70-100 hour work weeks, McDonalds at 2am (nothing else open), no karate and completely sporadic exercise. The “baby pic” was from Halloween 2005, I’m pretty sure, and the other one from New Year 2005. Although I was totally unhappy about my condition, I was also somehow in denial about how bad it had gotten. I attributed it (or at least some of it) to my body changing with age (“I think I’ve just gotten thicker with age”). Heheh. That’s what I told my mom when she came to town to visit and was looking at me in shock. Her response? “No Niño. You are fat!” Leave it to Mom to tell it like it is.



Truthfully, I was both miserable and totally unhealthy. I must say, it took quite a while….a mix of triathlon training, karate and old school gym workouts….to get me part of the way back. But the process accelerated ridiculously when I found PCF. At that point, I had already given up on getting back to the body fat level I had when I was training hard at karate in my early 20s, before law school. I was trying to put together low rest circuit training for myself, but it was tough keeping a systematic program going on my own.I hadn’t even considered trying to maximize strength gains –wasn’t even on my radar screen. Go figure….I guess too many years of the traditional martial art aversion to “heavy lifting”. Too bad. So much time wasted. But I’m here now and loving every second of it!!! Anyway, just for your enjoyment. Lol. This will never happen again. 🙂


Sto at the Tri-County Shakedown, 2011

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