Bear with it!

“The Bear Complex”

5 rounds, NOT for time:

(7 times through the sequence equals one round)

Power Clean

Front Squat

Push Press

Back Squat

Push Press

Post loads to comments.



In this workout, the weight will be determined by the athlete.  The goal is to increase load each round.

Bar is not to be put down on the ground during the sequence any longer than it takes to “touch and go”. You may rest the bar on your back, in the rack position, or in the crease of your hip.  Once the sequence has been completed 7 times, you may rest as needed, increase the load, and begin again.

 Due to the length of the sequence, this is a mental beat down to say the least.

 Stay focused on one movement at a time, hold on for dear life and go for it!

From the vault: Jolie and Freddy do “The Bear”. (mov) (wmv)

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