The End of an Era

CrossFit Games Event 10

For time:

20 calorie Row

30 Wallball Shots, 20 pound ball

20 Toes to bar

30 Box jumps, 24″ box

20 Sumo-deadlit high-pull, 108 pound kettlebell

30 Burpees

20 Shoulder to overhead, 135 pounds

120 foot Sled pull, sled plus 165 pounds

Patrick Barber 11:12, Samantha Briggs 13:06

Watch all three versions of this wod here, including Graham’s 3 minute 104 reps and Pat Barber’s amazing sled drag finish!


Makin’ it Work!

A few of you may have noticed or heard some rumblings happening behind the scenes with people performing different workouts than the mainsite.  Well, time to let you in on our little secret…

We have been running the gym and blog in stride with the main site for two years straight. The idea to do this was one Zeb and I embraced the moment we first discussed the gym. The programming is fearless, challenging and one of best representations of constantly varied functional movements out there. There is no bias or care for ease of implementation. Dedicating ourselves to this programming has been incredibly challenging and rewarding.  We embrace workouts like “Linda” aka the Three Bars of Death, where each athlete requires 3 bars and a spotter, the wod may take up to 45 minutes to complete and seems impossible to implement on a large scale.  We believe the athletes in the gym should not be denied these experiences and workouts just because they are logistically challenging.

We believe the community would know that, every now and then, they would have to do a little extra work or wait a little longer for their heat, because it was worth it!  After two years, we still believe that mainsite programming is the best around, but there is going to be a slight change as we move ahead.

Today’s workout will be the last time that we perform the Mainsite WOD “on the day.”  Starting Saturday with our Team wod and Box Jump, we will be delaying our mainsite programming by one week!

  The programming will be staying the same, but we will be adding in more supplemental strength and skill work.  We are still discussing the exact details of implementation, and will release more information over the next week as we wait to get back on the mainsite.  This means that the next week, starting Saturday, will be all our own original programming and the workout that you see released on Sunday will be the workout we perform next Sunday.

  I hope that makes sense!  The few of us that have been working through this programming have really enjoyed it thus far and we think you will as well.

Post your thoughts on this idea below!

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